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Ciné Cascade was created in 1985 by Jean-Claude LAGNIEZ.

As a winning racecar driver, Jean Claude Lagniez has an important fast cars background already when Rémy Julienne asked him to work in his first shoot in 1976. He was the stunt double for Roger Moore in several "James Bond", Jean-Paul Belmondo, Alain Delon, Gérard Depardieu and many others.

As soon as Ciné Cascade was created, Jean Claude Lagniez took the head of car stunt drivers team as Stunt Coordinator.
1997 was a fantastic and very important year in Jean Claude Lagniez career. He won the mythic 24H of Le Mans on a Porsche and thanks to this incredible win, he was noticed immediately by John Frankeheimer who was directing Ronin. John asked Jean Claude Lagniez to take care of all car stunts and actions in the movie. Even today, Ronin is one of the highest reference in car chases and stunts.

Ciné Cascade was involved in the biggest successes of the French and international Box Office.

From "The Bourne Identity" to "Over Drive" through "Tell No One" with the outstanding scene on the periphery, "Mea Culpa", "36 th Precinct", "Nothing to declare", " The Upside"," Little White Lies"," Shut Up "," Mesrine part 1 & 2 "," Le Boulet "," The Crew "," Killer Elite "," Le Guetteur "," Go Fast "," The Convoy "," The Crimson Rivers " ….

During the Taurus World Stunt Award in Los Angeles in 2003, his skills and talents were officially recognized by the professionals who rewarded him with the “World Stunt Award” for the incredible car chase in “The Bourne Identity”.


The « Ciné Cascade stunt factory » is located very close to Paris, and offers 3500 m² of offices, garages, body shops with paint booth, and plenty of space for the huge fleet of cars, bikes, trucks, camera cars or low loaders…

Ciné Cascade is the only structure in Europe with all the equipment onsite needed to answer quickly to any request from directors or productions. All vehicules are maintained in house to ensure the safety of all. Of course, Ciné Cascade is covered by a Professional RC insurance.


Ciné Cascade has a branch in Belgium subsidiary "Ciné Cascade Belgium" which has been in business for 5 years.


This website presents in detail all equipment and services offered by Ciné Cascade
A demo reel shows some mechanical actions performed by Jean-Claude Lagniez and his teams of stunt pilots.


We will be happy to answer to all your requests for any of your projects.


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